A versão original em inglês, em que a versão portuguesa se inspirou.

The Emotive from Kevin Guiang Paderes on Vimeo.

Caso existam partes em que não se entenda bem o que ele diz, cá vai:

"I don't know you.
And I don't want to.
But I have something I'd like to say.
I hope you took a five-minute break from playing call of duty today just to tell her how much you love her.
I hope you picked up the least rotten flowers at the gas station that you work at just to surprise her for a change.
I hope that when she pours her heart out to you you're not just nodding your head and saying uhhuh.
I hope that you're everything I couldn't be.
I hope you see that even stumbling she has more grace and elegance than a boy like you could ever hope to comprehend.
I hope you treat her right.
I hope you know that she's always loved it when you bite her bottom lip.
The stupid say a girl is made in her hips but the truth is in her eyes.
I hope you know they're green.
I hope you know that she's not a morning person, drinks her coffee black, speaks art like her first language and took sailing lessons just to see the other two-thirds of the world.
She robbed every bar in the city with just her smile.
I don't claim to be an expert.
But I'd be a fool not to know that she squeezes her toothpaste from the bottom because she's always planning ahead.
She doesn't smoke or drink because she'd rather read in bed.
And I'd give anything if I could just be her man instead.
I hope you know that.
I hope you know that her favorite color is white.
She's captivated by firework light.
And you will nerve have an unnecessary fight because she
She is as patient as a flower in winter.
And when she springs
I hope you're ready.
Because she can set your soul on fire with just a touch.
Now this may be a bit much for you to manage.
But I guess those are the struggles of having the personality of a cabbage.
So let me break it down for you.
I thought I was having a heart attack the day I first saw her.
My heart was as rhythmic as a child banging on pots and pans.
Because she
She is dynamic.
Love at first sight is an understatement.
No, to me
She is all five senses.
Ground and blended, she is more potent than the most copious amounts of caffeine.
She will keep me up for days.
And I spend those nights thinking about how she came into my life, took my hand, drew me close and whispered something in my ear that I'll never forget.
She said
I love you.
I love you for the words you give me the strength to say and
The songs you give me the audacity to play.
I love you for the way you send my heart aflutter.
The way that no other can possibly make me feel because you
You make me want to dance.
And so I took that chance.
I leapt in as uncertain as I was about my dreams.
Only knowing that this
This was real.
So when I tell you that I hope you know what you're doing
I sincerely mean it.
Because I hope you know that if you play with her heart
You'll lose her.
I hope you know
Because I wish
I wish that I had."


Fonte: http://vimeo.com/33047192


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