There are moments in life when you have to make decisions, when you have to choose between what your heart feels and what your head thinks, cuz you can't find something in the middle of that. And, all of a sudden, you jump straight to the conclusion that your head is the right thing to follow through with and you let things go. But a minute later, you figure out you can't cope with the feelings you tried to shut down, and you run, hoping to get a whole new chance, hoping that time hasn't run out yet and there's still something for you to do. Well, you got there and you found yourself alone, it's all over and you were the one to take the wrong way.
Sometimes you get another chance, sometimes you don't, I believe it's better not to know if you get to get that chance or not, it's not worth risking the most important things in your life, just cuz you think it's the right thing to do. Live, love, laugh, dream, be who you are and take care of who's with you, I guess life's meant to be lived like that.

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